About us

NORLOX is a supplier for industrial static sealing products located in South-West of Finland. Our main focus is the manufacturing and distribution of diverse industrial sealing products which also include custom made products depending on our clients specific needs. NORLOX is providing Metallic-, Semi-Metallic gaskets and PTFE based products. Our technical knowhow and logistic enables us to operate on an international level.

In case you are looking for a tailored solution, we will support you as well during the manufacturer sourcing, design and testing phase up to the delivery to your required destination.

Highest quality materials

As we perform vendor and manufacturing inspections, we can assure that our customers receive only the highest quality materials with every order. Third party validations can be performed depending on the specific customer requirements

Product traceability

Full traceability has a high priority for us as we understand that a loss if it may lead to an extended exchange of parts which can lead to unplanned plant shutdowns and will have a major impact on forecasted maintenance costs.

NORLOX ensures that every gaskets is marked in accordance to the applicable standards in order to guarante the end user a complete traceability. Based on the clients requirements we will supply material certificates in accordance to EN10204.