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Camprofile Gasket

Product description

Camprofile gaskets consist of a metal core with concentric grooves on each side, the grooves are manufactured via a machining process. Above the machined grooves comes a thin layer of sealing material. The metallic core shows high reliability where high temperatures, high pressures and changing process conditions are present. Furthermore, the Flange sealing surfaces will be protected by the thin layer of sealing material, this can reduce risk of damages during maintenance for example. Camprofile gaskets are ideal for both standard pipe and heat exchanger applications; the metallic core and sealing material is dependent on the service duty.

Depending on the sealing material Camprofile Gaskets can be used for process temperatures up to 1000 °C and a pressure up to 250 bars.

Product types

  • Flat Shape
  • With Integral Centring Ring
  • With Loose Fitting Centring Ring
  • Convex Inner Groove Shape
  • Convex Inner Groove with Integral Centring Ring
  • Convex Inner Groove with Loose Fitting Centring Ring


Product features

  • Outstanding sealing characteristics at a broad range of seating stress levels
  • Camprofile Gaskets decrease the risk of Flange damages
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to high reliability and sealing function
  • Possibility of re-use
  • Extraordinary temperature and chemical resistance
  • Can be customized for use under high chemical demands

Industrial application

  • Nuclear- and Conventional Power Plants
  • Petrochemical- and chemical Industry
  • Refineries, Steam lines
  • Process Industries

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