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Product description

This gasket type consists of a corrugated metal core with soft fillers on both sides. These Gaskets have an excellent sealing function even under lower bolt loads.

Corrugated metal gaskets are used in a broad variety of industrial applications. They are for example used to connect standard pipelines, valves and large vessels, heat exchangers and tank connections. The Gaskets are designed to withstand high temperature, high pressure, flammable and toxic fluid. The design allows the use in conditions of alternating temperature and pressure.

  • Core metal material
    • The standard material is Stainless Steel 316L, other materials such as 304, 321, 316Ti, MONEL, Titanium, can be manufactured to your specifications upon request
  • Filler
    • The standard filler material is Flexible Graphite
    • Other Materials include: expanded PTFE (ePTFE), mica, ceramic and silver
  • Dimensions
    • Our Corrugated metal Gaskets can be supplied in standard dimensions but also in other special sizes, the maximum gasket diameter can be 6 meters
  • Shapes
    • Our gaskets can be supplied in different or irregular shapes, such as normal ovals, track shapes, diamonds, squares

Product types

  • Corrugated metal Gasket coated with Graphite
  • Corrugated Metal Gasket with PTFE layer
  • Corrugated Metal Gasket coated with non-asbestos plate

Product features

  • Good sealing abilities even with lower surface pressure
  • Can be used also even Flange surface have certain imperfections plants
  • In comparison with spiral wound gaskets, corrugated metal gaskets have an inner eyelet design to reduce the risk of media contamination
  • Good pressure resistance, compressibility and excellent elastic capacity
  • Good sealing abilities even under permanent temperatures around 400 °C

Industrial application

  • Chemical and Petrochemical industry
  • Nuclear- and conventional Power Plants
  • Chemical and petrochemical industries due to its excellent chemical resistance
  • Often used in the field of oil and gas extraction

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