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Product description

Ring Joint Gasket are used in the areas such as marine work, chemical engineering and petrochemical industry. Oval cross section Ring Joint Gasket specialized in using the joints of flanges. For flat flange, it can use both oval and octagonal cross section Ring Joint Gasket. The octagonal cross section will be the first to consider to use, but oval Ring Joint Gasket can apply to flanges which with vibrates, for instance, the heat exchangers in chemical industry. Ring Joint Gasket can endure high pressure or alternation pressure (1500 bar). Depending on the material choice it can be used in conditions with temperatures up to 1000°C and corrosive environments. The key of reliable operation however is its accurate installation.

Product types

  • Oval/Octagonal Ring Joint Gasket
  • Ring Joint Gaskets for standard groove flanges
  • Octagonal shape


Product features

  • Usability under heavy duty conditions
  • High temperature- and pressure resistance
  • Good performance in corrosive environments

Industrial application

  • Oil and Gas industry
  • Chemical- and petrochemical industry

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